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4 Warm & Cozy Christmas Spotify Playlists To Enjoy for the Perfect Christmas

    What better way to bring in the Christmas spirit other than through music?

    Are you stressed about Christmas?

    Christmas holidays can be very stressful and busy. You have the gift buying, decorating, cooking, hosting, cleaning, and the list keeps going.

    If you feel overwhelmed this holiday season (like most of us), listening to music can help you navigate this season while maintaining your happiness for the warmest, coziest and perfect Christmas.

    What are the health benefits of Music?

    According to Northshore University, when you listen to music, there are numerous health benefits which can include; 

    1. Reduced heart rate
    2. Lower blood pressure
    3. Increase in serotonin and endorphin levels in the blood
    4. Reduce stress
    5. Relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression 

    Who knew a play button had so much power?

    How to enjoy this Christmas with music?

    You can listen to your Christmas playlist while taking a shower, driving to work, or tidying up the house. My favorite time to press play is while I’m cooking. It’s an easy way to set the tone around the house and get everyone excited for the season.

    Go ahead, and press the play button on any of the 4 Warm & Cozy playlists listed below from Spotify 

    Please leave a comment below if you’ve enjoyed any of the playlists. I would love to hear your feedback.

    4 Warm & Cozy Christmas Spotify Playlists

    Cozy, Instrumental, Soothing Jazz Playlist
    Lively, Young, Sing-along
    Enjoyable, Fun, Upbeat
    Christmas Worship

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