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9 Christmas Nude Nail Designs That Are NOT an Eye Sore.

    It’s the start of the busiest season once again, Christmas. In this blog post, I’ve found the perfect Christmas nude nail designs for you, making it one less thing to worry about.

    Christmas is right around the corner, and aside from deciding what gift to get friends and family, the hardest thing for me is deciding on a seasonal yet minimalistic nail design.

    Most Christmas nail designs are either whimsical and fun or dark and grumpy and don’t sit well with my aesthetic. Some designs deserve to be in their own Christmas parade, while others are overly done, especially for the birth of Jesus Christ.

    Well, I scoured through the entire internet (Instagram) and found a few Christmas nude nail designs that wouldn’t be an eyesore to minimalistic introverts like myself or the Christmas-celebrating people of the world. There is no rule on color or design for Christmas nails, but a nude nail design never disappoints.

    Here are my favorite Christmas nude nail design picks;



    Note: All photos listed above are sourced from Instagram. I do not own any of the photos. Be sure to show the creators some love by liking and following their Instagram page!

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