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    As a gift to myself, I bought the Morphe 35OM Eye shadow Palette for my 20th birthday and this has been one of my best makeup buys ever. The Morphe 35OM Eyeshadow Palette is the matte version to the very popular Morphe 35O Eyeshadow Palette

    • You get 35 shades for $23 (USD), that’s about $0.66 (USD) for each individual eyeshadow.
    • It’s the perfect everyday neutral eyeshadow palette.
    • The darker eyeshadow shades are super-duper pigmented which is perfect for women of colour like myself.
    • One of my biggest struggles with eyeshadows specifically more affordable eyeshadows is the way that the colour looks in the pan changes when I apply it to my brown skin tone, it becomes a dull and ashy version to the exact colour in the pan which can be very annoying, but with this eyeshadow palette the colour transfers exactly the same on my skin tone.


    • The lighter shades are not as pigmented as the darker shades.
    • Some of the eyeshadow shades seem to be a bit repetitive, meaning that you get two of the same shades.
    • The packaging is not the fanciest it’s plastic and gets scratched and dirty very quickly. 
    • I would love if the palette had a mirror, just imagine doing your eye makeup with this palette in your hand brush in the other hand and having to put the palette down each and every time to grab your mirror to see what you’re doing, it can become a bit much.
    • The shipping price is not your best friend, the amount of money I paid for shipping for this one palette is ridiculous. 

    P.S: Click the name each product to get the direct link for purchase.


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