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    Let’s just start by asking this… what is 2020? 
    At the start of this year, I found myself mentally at one of my lowest points. While everyone wishfully made their new year resolutions, I looked back at my never-ending unchecked resolutions of previous years. Tip to oneself; do not look back on things not accomplished, move forward in having them accomplished
    With hurricane-like winds came Covid-19, gushing out fear and worry in the lives and homes of every individual and family. On the contrary, Covid-19 brought me awareness. Awareness in the understanding of things out of my control, acceptance of disappointments and importance of multiple income streams. 
    To the things I can’t control, I let you go. 
    To my many disappointments, everything happens for a reason. 
    To my one source of income, I’m grateful but not complacent.
    Awareness of such things brought me an improved mental state and a greater lesson in not accomplishing what I wanted to be accomplished. Since awareness tends to lead to action, hopefully, I can take action this year in doing something.


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